Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Hi beauties.

Certainly most of you know by now that Maybelline is in Nigeria. From the posters to the adverts to the parties. It is definitely on. I will not say that I am a big fan of Maybelline but that's because I hardly ever grab a Maybelline product off the shelf. I think I have maybe one mascara. So when I saw this Kajal online, I grabbed it because of the product and not the line...if you catch my drift.

I have a range of different kohl pencils/tubes, and each one has its benefits. They range from MAC to Zaron, and some random brands in between. I have always been an eye person. I love dramatic eyes as against dramatic lips, but you wouldn't be able to tell looking at my lipstick collection. 

I feel that a simple eyeliner is all you need to transform a look from dead to wow. Sometimes all I have in my purse is my liner and my lip balm. Honestly, I feel naked without some sort of dark rim around my eyes. At first, black eyeshadows where my go-to products but now I rely on eyeliners to give me that Cleopatra-esque look. My staple eyeliner is the MAC eye kohl in Smoulder. However, when I saw this online, it was cheaper than my MAC kohl, so I gave it a try.

As you can see, I use it religiously. I have had this for about a month.

What Maybelline says:
"Colossal Kajal is the deepest black Kajal, creates bold lines & is smudge free for upto 6 hours. Contains formula enriched with Vitamin E that soothes eyes."


My two kobos:  
I like that the product twists out and then back in again. You have to be careful though not to twist out too much product when applying as it will literally just snap off. I like the consistency of it. It does not drag the sensitive skin around my eyes, it literally just glides on smoothly. I find that I can achieve the winged eye with this Kajal. Also, the shade of black is good enough for me. I find that it does not smudge as badly as the MAC Smoulder eye kohl, and that is a definite plus. I love the package, the bright yellow colour makes it so easy to find in my purse. Another definite plus.  

I do not know if it's me or not but I feel that it irritates my eyes a little. Not an eye watering eyelash-in-your-eye sort of irritation, just more a slight irritation that points out the fact that you literally just put some black substance in your eyes. I am definitely going to repurchase this product as it is readily available in quite a few stores, both online and otherwise. It stays on all day till I wipe it off with baby wipes and oil, and really its kohl. What's not to love?

Where did I get mine?
Really, I do not remember but I know it cost me N1,000 
I do know now that it retails for N850   

Where can you get yours?
I've spotted this product at:
The House of Tara Store, Lekki, Lagos



Friday, 23 May 2014


Hi beauties!

Right now I'm obsessed with oils! I have been for awhile: both the carrier and essential varieties. My obsession started when I discovered this outfit called Vanity Oils on one of the online shopping stores (I think I got Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Argan Oil). 

Since then, I've discovered quite a few other online stores that sell 100% natural oils. A couple of my favourite are: 

When I have a problem, I 'Google' the oil that best suits my problem and order (if I don't already have it).

I fixed acrylic nails a couple of months ago and I must say that my nails have been so sensitive and weak ever since and they look awful (well, not awful, just not as healthy as they used to). I come in contact with water alot, so that has not helped either. So, I thought I'd get Tea Tree Oil because it was the oil that kept on popping up online and since I didn't have it in my stash I decided to get it.

Here's what I use mine for:
1. Almond Oil (Carrier Oil) - For my face.
2. Ylang Ylang Extra (Essential Oil)  - For relaxation.
3. Tea Tree (Essential Oil)  - For my nails.

How much do they cost?
Almond Oil - N1,500
Ylang Ylang Extra - N8,000
Tea Tree - N2,500

What oils are soothing your senses?

Share if you dare.



Tuesday, 20 May 2014

SWATCH AND REVIEW: MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Spiked

One area I cannot seem to conquer is my eyebrows. They are really bushy and grow in an annoying shape, that defies "the Arch" (the eyebrow shape everyone and their mother seems to be rocking these days).

I have several eyebrow products ranging from regular eyebrow pencils to eyebrow gels to eyebrow powders. I use all these in varying degrees and have been known to combine quite a few different products to achieve the semblance of a decent brow. 

I first read about the MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Spiked on Makeup Game On Point. I remember getting to the MAC counter and trying so hard to remember what the eyebrow pencil was called. I decided to ask for the "twisty eyebrow pencil" that would suit my complexion (MAC NW45). The busy attendant handed me the pencil in Spiked. Later on I discovered that I had gotten just what I wanted.

What MAC says:
Self-propelling, self-sharpening, brow defining. Confidently adds what you need: shape, colour, density in one streamlined tool. Like a pen, creates its own just-right point. Provides definition, shape, deepens/fills in colour. Creates striking arches. Easy to tote around. No sharpener needed. 

Here I apply the eyebrow pencil in (1) one stroke (2) two strokes (3) three strokes (4) about five or six strokes.

My two kobos:
This is one of my favourite eyebrow products. The consistency of the product is not waxy and so does not smudge. I have very oil skin, so the less waxy the better. It doesn't apply heavily and so with light strokes, it is easy to attain a natural look or with heavier strokes, a more dramatic eyebrow. I use this alot and I find that it does not last as long as my N100 eyebrow pencils. While it does not require a sharpener, you have to be careful not to twist out too much of the product, because one, it breaks off with too much pressure and two, once you have twisted out the product, you cannot twist it back in.
Overall, I really like this eyebrow pencil and I have and will purchase again.

Where can you get it in Nigeria:
Any MAC Store around you.
There's one at The Palms, Lekki and another at the Ikeja Shopping Mall in Lagos.

MAC Palms
Shop 19A, The Palms Shopping Mall,
Ozumba Mbadiwe Rd,
Lekki, Lagos

MAC Ikeja
Shop L 53 Ikeja City Mall,
Obafemi Awolowo Way,
Ikeja, Lagos.



Friday, 16 May 2014

Hair Product Review: KeraPRO Restorative Treatment for Dry to Very Dry Hair

I am currently on a healthy hair journey and this is one of the products I picked up at the beginning of my journey. The first time I bought this product, I honestly thought I had gotten an adulterated product. It smelt quite like body creams used to smell back in the day and it felt the same way against my skin. And when I put it in my hair, it literally just disappeared. I was thoroughly disappointed and after a couple of uses, I wrote it off and consigned it to the bottom of my stash.

Recently, I stumbled across a review of the product online, and I found that the product does have a perfumey scent and that it actually sinks right into your hair. So I gave it another shot and I am so glad that I did.

Packaging: It comes in a jar, which is good for two reasons. First, you can use up the very last bit of product in a jar and second, you can make use of the jar once the product is finished (I used my jar to store a shea butter and lemon oil mix).

Directions: Use with KeraPRO Shampoo. Apply to clean hair and massage through the lengths and ends. Leave for 5 minutes. Rinse well.

My two kobos:

This product is quite thick (when scooped with a finger, it literally just hangs there and doesn't drop off). It smells like perfume but the smell does not linger. I feel that it serves very well as a deep conditioner and when my hair is dry (which feels like alot of the time these days) it moistens it right up. 

There is very little of this product in the jar. I usually get about four uses out of a jar and that makes it very pricey. When I use it on my hair, I usually use it after I have washed my hair.  I apply it in four sections, cover my hair with a shower cap and a scarf and let it marinate for anywhere between thirty minutes and forever. I find that when I rinse it out of my hair, my hair feels soft and fluffy, which is amazing. I just repurchased this product, but I try to use it sparingly. I personally think that it is a bit on the pricey side.

Where can you get it in Nigeria:
I get mine from Sizzelle Online Store Nigeria at  but I have spotted it at  the CasaBella Beauty Store at the Palms, Lekki.
 Price: N2,250

What hair conditioners do you love right now?

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New In: Sleek Cosmetics Contour Kit in Dark

In my last post, I talked about the Ben Nye Banana Powder which is acclaimed as a contouring powder. Well...enter the Contour Kit from Sleek...My shade in MAC terms is NW45 so I got the contour kit in Dark which appears to be their darkest shade. This is supposed to be used to contour the dark parts of the face, that is those parts of your face that the sun would not naturally hit. The lighter shade is a shimmery gold shade which I doubt I will use, as I have a MAC Highlighter which does the job perfectly.

My immediate fears are that the darker contouring shade will not be dark enough to contour my dark face. Time will tell. 

Where can you get it in Nigeria: or any Sleek Store out there!

Have you tried this out?

Any contouring queens out there?

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Just In: Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana

I have read so many reviews online about this product. It is supposed to be one of the go to products for contouring your face. Although it is quite light, it is supposed to work on all skin tones. I have been trying to get my hands on this for ages and I finally did.

 When I first opened the delivery bag it came in, I was quite surprised at the packaging, as this is not the packaging I encountered online. However, I checked out the Ben Nye website and found that this container is called the "Dome Jar". 

I cannot wait to try it out.

Where can you get it in Nigeria:

  Are you bananas about this powder?

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Beauty Review: Carmex Mint Moisturising Lip Balm

Anyone who has been into a Primark store recently knows that Primark offers a range of products other than just clothes and accessories, and as with most stores these products are placed right next to the payment counter. Sometime last year I made the usual stop at Primark..Okay, I confess, it was my umpteenth stop during my two week stay...As I dragged the Primark bag on the floor beside me, with additional items in my arms, I spotted a bowl of lip balm just as I was about to pay...and as I always do, I bought a product which I had not intended to buy...That's how the journey between my Carmex lippie and I began:

Packaging: It comes in a tube, which is super convenient, because it means that you do not have to constantly  stick your bacteria infested fingers into it. I have been using this lippie for about a year now and I think the tube is manufactured so that you use every last bit of it (just squeeze from the bottom), which is a plus in my books.

Directions: Apply liberally and evenly as often as necessary. For external use only.

My two kobos:
I love this lip balm. It is the only lip balm that I have consistently used over a long period of time. It smells like mint and feels minty, which is stating the obvious. I feel that a little goes a long way. I try to avoid putting too much on, otherwise it gives that 'ororo' look (like you have just eaten really greasy fried plantains). Once applied, it gives off a tingly sensation on your lips...which makes you feel like it must be working...I use this through out the day because I have really dry usually sits on my desk at work or in my purse...I find that when I use it consistently it makes my lips feel really moisturised and they look it too!

Where can you get it in Nigeria:
Generally, try any pharmacy around you...
I spotted some Carmex lippies (the ones in the Jars though) at the CasaBella Beauty Store at the Palms, Lekki.

What's your favourite Lip Balm?

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