Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Hello beauties!

I was in the Northern part of Nigeria recently and I used the opportunity to scout for some henna…at a supermarket. I was with a colleague who was from the region and she wanted to know what I wanted the henna for…I informed her that I needed it for my hair and she assumed that I meant the NaturVital Henna Extract conditioner (which I had used and loved). I corrected her, telling her that I needed it for my hair and she gave me an odd look. She had henna on her hands…so I knew she knew what it was…but she just couldn’t fathom why I wanted to put it in my hair.

Henna has been reputed to act as a really good conditioner for the hair. Real henna gives a reddish tint to your hair and contrary to popular belief Henna only gives off a reddish tint…not black, not neutral, not blonde…unless mixed with other products…which is another story entirely. Worthy of note is the fact that Henna is permanent…it bonds to the hair strand but still allows moisture to penetrate the strand. Also, the quality and source of the Henna are very important and body art quality is the standard.

My hair is in a scraggly state at the moment and I’m using all my options…so Henna is where I’m at right now. One thing I will say though is that my hair looks shiny and a little healthier. I “protective style” my hair immediately after each Henna treatment; so right now I haven’t seen the full effect. 

I’ll post a how-to soon enough…but it takes me ages to prepare the stuff and apply it that I must warn that it is not for the faint of heart…. 



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