Tuesday, 17 June 2014

CRAVING: Rhassoul Clay

I was reading something online about how rhassoul clay makes your hair very soft. This slightly piqued my interest but I pushed it to the side. I have been using henna for almost two months now, so I am not one to shy away from natural (and tedious) beauty regimes but it isn't every bandwagon I jump on (hopefully...). So, imagine my curiousity when I stumbled on this same mysterious substance online, while trying to purchase some products. 

That's how I started my research into the substance and honestly, I like what I have read so far. I have saved a bunch of these to "my cart" on one of the online stores. I will do a bit more research before I buy and hopefully, I'll love it. Some of the reviews I've seen contain words such as 'moisturises', 'soft', 'brightens', 'conditioner', 'smooths', and 'detox'.

Where can you get it?



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